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Church Music Service Planning Workbook

Church Music Service Planning Notebook

This workbook will be useful for organists, instrumentalists, choir directors, cantors, or anyone in charge of scheduling music for a service. You will find this helpful for both liturgical and free church musicians. Price includes USPS Media Mail shipping.


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Free Campsites (with Restrooms) Western USA – 4th Edition

Free Campsites (with Restrooms) Western USA – 4th Edition

This guidebook takes the guess work out of “Where should I sleep tonight?” There are more than 2400 sites listed with over 400 YouTube videos. Check the GPS coordinates, cell phone coverage, and how long you can stay. This is camping made easy.


How Do I Make Sense of the Pipe Organ

The pipe organ has so many bells and whistles that I need to have these described. Do I need to know how to play the piano first? You will learn about the keyboards, the foot pedals and those other pedals, as well as those tabs and drawbars. You will discover how to play loud and soft, what kinds of sounds you can make and even some easy music to learn. You are about to have a very fun experience with the King of Instruments.


Panamá Sketches

You must take care not to pick up a bug when you travel. However, to travel you must already have a bug – the travel bug. Hopefully, you will find Panamá interesting, but more importantly, I hope this book stirs the travel bug within you. Whether you will be an armchair traveler or an actual experience-focused traveler, I wish you the best and safest trips.


Select Wine Bibliographies

Select Wine Bibliographies is designed to be a tool to quickly find a wine book by subject. This helps narrow the search more quickly. The listings are then arranged alphabetically by author, genre, or geography. Thirteen major subjects are included., with over 2300 listings.


Wine Fiction: A Bibliography

Wine Fiction: A Bibliography – 3rd Edition will lead you to mystery, romance, novels, poetry, plays, stories, and other books with a wine, winery, or vineyard theme. These may be new, old, or hard to find works. Many are now available in a new format. Here you will find 98 pages with over 2400 listings in 13 categories. Use this guide as a starting point to find a book you did not know about. Find your next new favorite book.