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Free Campsites (wth Restrooms) Western USA

This guidebook takes the guess work out of “Where should I sleep tonight?” There are more than 2400 sites listed with over 400 YouTube videos. Check the GPS coordinates, cell phone coverage, and how long you can stay. This is camping made easy. $6.99

How Do I Make Sense of the Pipe Organ

The pipe organ has so many bells and whistles that I need to have these described. You will learn about the keyboards, the foot pedals and those other pedals, as well as those tabs and drawknobs. $.99

Panama Sketches

After traveling the United States, Canada, Mexico and parts of Europe, I moved to Panamá lock stock and barrel. I arrived in the popular expat town of Boquete. I planned to travel around Panamá for some unknown period of time. However, the panic of Covid-19 kept me pinned down. I had begun a travel blog, but now I couldn’t travel. What was I to do? $1.99


Select Wine Bibliographies

This book is designed to be a tool to quickly find a wine book by subject. This helps narrow the search more quickly. The listings are then arranged alphabetically by author, genre, or geography. This includes the Wine Fiction ebook listings. $6.99

Wine Fiction

This bibliography will appeal to you who like to read fiction books with a wine, winery or vineyard theme. Use this work as a jumping off point to find mystery, romance, novels, as well as other genres that you would like to read. $2.99


Print Books

Church Music Service Planning Notebook

The easy way to schedule music for services is to be organized and this workbook is a tool to help you get organized. Each page outlines a single service where you can enter the instrumental music, hymns, Anthem(s)s, and service music you need. All 52 weeks are outlined, along with special services throughout the year. This book is better than my denomination’s manual. JW organist and Music Coordinator. $23.95 includes USPS Media Mail shipping.

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